The loss of youthfulness in the face can be caused by a variety of factors, such as heredity, gravity, environmental conditions, and stress. 

Face Lift is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck. It can improve things such as:

  • Sagging in the middle of your face
  • Loss of skin tone in the lower face that creates jowls
  • Loose skin under the chin and jaw that gives even a person of normal weight the appearance of a double chin



Anaesthesia Type: Most often done under general (patients are asleep) or sometimes under deep sedation

Duration of Surgery: 3-5 hrs

In/Outpatient: Patients go home same day and are seen by Dr. Matic the next day

Length of Recovery and Return to Work: Most patients take about 1-2 weeks off from work and are wearing make-up by the second week and are back to normal activity by four weeks

Final Results: Expected by 3 months

Post-Operative Medication: Patients are given both pain killers and antibiotics for management (generally pain killers are only needed in the first few days)

Pricing: Can vary based on the type and extent of the surgery and the patient’s individual concerns

*SPECIAL NOTE*: Patient must not be a smoker (including marijuana) as this causes the skin to die and prolongs the healing process – For this reason, Dr. Matic does not perform this surgery on smokers



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